Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Craft Fair

My friend, Tammy, asked me if I wanted to participate in a craft fair and since I've never done one I, of course, said yes! The fair was scheduled for two weeks after we moved to Denver so I had very little time to make things but I think it turned out ok. Here is what I made:

Isn't this great?? You can countdown to what ever holiday, event or activity you want. Just put it on a piece a paper and clip it with the clothes pin and start counting down!

I made these "gumball machines" but they weren't a very big hit at the craft fair. I thought they were adorable but guess I was the only one. I guess I'll give them away as gifts :).

These crayon rolls were my biggest sellers!! I am going to have to make more of these for my next fair!

These are cones filled with rice krispy treats, dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles. Don't they look so good??!? They tasted great too!

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