Monday, December 6, 2010

Menu Board

My sister flew to Colorado to visit me and we crafted it up!!! I'm still in the process of taking pics of everything I did so stay tuned for lots of posts. One of our projects was a menu board that I found on a blog I frequent often and I knew I had to make it for my house. So, my sister and I whiped it out and I LOVE the way it turned out and how great it looks on my kitchen wall. My kids think it's great too, because now they don't have to ask me what's for dinner cuz my response is always, "Something good". They hate that response!!

My board was 47 inches by 32 inches, so it was quite large but just right for me. I used chalkboard paint for the squares and I used watered down acrylic white paint for the background. Then I finished it up with vinyl letters cut from my cricut!! Here is the blog that I copied this idea from: BLOG

I just realized that I took the picture before I fixed the "E" in Wednesday. Pretend that it's there!! Oh, and you're all probably wondering why I don't have Friday on the board. Well, Friday is ALWAYS Pizza and movie night so no need to write it down every week so I left it off the board.

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