Saturday, February 23, 2008

Criss Cross Strawberries

I'm addicted to card swaps. This card I've made is apart of another card swap I joined! It's a different kind of card than I've made before but just as fun. A bit more time consuming, though. It's called a Criss Cross card. It's also been called a Pocket Card.

( Here are the directions for the Criss Cross Card. I got this new stamp set for Christmas and I LOVE IT. The strawberries are probably my favorite part of the whole set. Ok, back to the the tab at the top of the card is made with my handy dandy scalloped circle punch. I cut of the bottom part of the circle and attached it to the card. The tab says "Thank you berry much!", just in case you can't read it because of the picture. So, you would write your message on the card and stick it back in the pocket!)

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