Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Extra Fabric

I decided to cut some of my long jeans off to make them capris which meant that I had extra FABRIC to create something with. Well, I decided to make a cute skirt and top for Kaia. This is my first actual outfit I made without a pattern. I was very pleased with how it turned out! I usually make things for Josette and Indiya because I know that after they are done wearing them then Kaia and Zofiya will get them but I after I made the outfit I tried it on Indiya and it was too small, so guess who got it!! Kaia was THRILLED and danced around the house forever in her new outfit!


Tammy said...

So cute! Ally you are so talented! I never knew this of you while we were in NY!

Wendy Jean said...

I am not sure which is cuter! Your daughter or the ruffles! OH, I am sooo dying for a little girl!

Lorie said...

Another super cute one!