Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family Yahtzee

Here is another game I made for my brother's family for Christmas:
(I found a plain box at Micheal's and modged podged scrapbook paper on it and then cut the words out on black vinyl from my cricut.)

I made my own score sheets and only did the top half of a normal yahtzee score sheet because I was afraid the bottom part of the yahtzee score sheet would be to confusing for the young kids.)

I used small wooden blocks and modged podged scrapbook paper on each side and then modged podged a different picture on each side.)

Here's what the personalized score sheet looks like:
You can't see it very well so if you would like a copy of it please leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you one!!


LeAnne said...

What a fun idea!

I have given you a Stylish Blogger Award. Head on over to my blog to claim it. :)

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh! I love this idea and cannot wait to make a set for our family!! Thank you so much for sharing!! And I'd love to see how you did your score sheet....did you use your family members names or do you have numbers on your blocks? So cute!!

Kim said...

This is so neat. Could you please email me the score sheet? I can't wait to make this. It will be a great gift. Kentuckyfriedkim@insightbb.com

Unknown said...

I would love if you could send me a copy of the score sheet you made....LOVE this idea for Christmas gifts. tiffanieagarcia@gmail.com Thank you so much!

Laurel said...

I would really love a copy of the score card. I want to do this for a Christmas gift. laureltoosure@gmail.com Thanks!

Anna-Lisa said...

Could you send me a copy of the score sheet? This idea is so cute!

Derek Wheeler said...

I know this is from a couple of years ago, but if you still are willing to share your score card, I would be so grateful!


Cindy said...

Cute idea! Yours is really cute! I would love a copy of your score sheet if you still have it.
Thanks, Cindy