Thursday, September 1, 2011


My husband has a co-worker that he has become good friends with and that co-worker's wife just had a baby boy. One thing that my husband and this co-worker have in common is that they both love to play console and computer games. These kind of people are often called gamers and they are very proud of that title. So, I decided to make something for the baby that would please my husband's friend.

I cut a stencil out with my cricut using freezer paper and then ironed the freezer paper on to the onsie. Then I used fabric paint and sponged the paint over the stencil. I accidentally got some paint on the onsie so instead of throwing it away and starting over, I decided to put dots all over it and cover up my mistake.

I found this plain blue jogging suit at the store and decided to put a patch on it to go with the onsie. I did dots again to match the onsie.

Here they are together.

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