Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Music Teacher Gift

My son had a music performance at school that we attended last week. Normally my son doesn't really participate in the songs. My husband taught him to mouth "Watermelon" so that the audience thinks he's singing but normally he just looks bored up on stage. Well, to my shock and excitement, this concert was different. Not only did he sing but he did all the hand and body movements for the song as well. I wanted to stand up and start clapping an yelling "That's MY BOY!" when I saw him, but I did contain myself.....barely.

After the concert I went right up to the music teacher and told her how wonderful I thought she was and how proud I was of my son. Any teacher that can get my son to crawl out of his hole and do what he did deserves a huge STAR!!!

Well, since I didn't think I gave enough praise to her on that particular day, I decided to make her a little something that my son could take to her at school. This is what I came up with:

(I used a poem I found on the internet and changed it a bit so that it pertained more to the music teacher than a regular teacher. I filled with regular M&M's to go with the poem.)

So my husband is a Crystal Light (of course we buy the knock off cuz it's cheaper!) fan and we buy it all the time. I decided to start saving the containers and have a HUGE pile of them but I knew they would come in handy, and I was right!! Here's what I used for my gift!

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