Monday, January 28, 2008


For Christmas, Thayne ordered me a few great stamps that I LOVE..(ok, it was really me who ordered them!). Stampin Up sells the great stamp wheels. It's a stamp made into a wheel and you just move it across your paper. The bottom part of this card was done with one of those wheel stamps. Doesn't it look great?

The flower is made from a paper punch (two flowers put on top of each other) with a brad in the middle. To get the purple ink on the edges of the "Friendship" paper, I just put the edge of the paper on the ink pad and pulled it towards me. I did it on every side of the paper.


Shawny said...

You are so talented Ally! I'm super jealous you have the stuff to make such cute cards!

Engars said...

So cute. I am so glad you are doing this so I can get some ideas. Thanks!