Saturday, January 26, 2008


I think that dry embossing can really make a plain card look beautiful! I made these two cards, with the exact same layout but they both turned out quite unique, I think. I have to admit that I did not do the embossing by hand. I have a machine called the Cuttlebug that does it all for me. I just slide a piece of paper through the machine and it embosses it for me!

I used a technique called "distressing" on the edge of the paper that I stamped the butterfly. I have a little tool that does it but I have also used my fingernail and gotten the same result.

I did two different kinds of embossing on this card. I did the dry embossing which is the indented flowers on the white paper and then I did wet embossing on the red heart. It's kind of hard to see it but when you look at it in person the red heart is shiny and raised.


Anne said...

Those are beautiful. I aspire to be as creative as you are!

Lawwife said...

Thanks!! That's very nice of you to say.