Friday, February 15, 2008


I am in a card swap where I have to make 6 different cards only out of scraps (paper that is left over from other cards I've made). This might seem like a simple task but really it's quite tough. I have so many scraps but they are all in different sizes. It's almost like a puzzle to try to put coordinating papers together and come up with a nice card. Here are two cards I made with

The only word that comes to my mind when I look at this card is BLING!!! The picture doesn't do it justice! It shines, sparkles and is full of spunk! The ribbon is sparkling silver.....I've had it forever and never have been able to use it. I was so excited to see how well it went with the paper!

This card is a little calmer and soft. Your eyes get a good exercise going from the above card to this one! The flower in the corner is made from my die cutting machine.

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