Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Card Insert

I've been pretty sick the last several days so I haven't had a chance or energy to do any crafting but I wanted to share a tidbit that was given to me when I first started making cards. Almost every time I make a card for someone I put in a little 3x5 piece of cardstock with this saying on it:

Although this card was left blank for you,
the sentiments on the outside are true.
This is so you may give it away
to bless and brighten another’s day!

I feel like I am doing two things when I do this. First, they are receiving a homemade card that was made for them and Second, if you leave it blank in the middle and write your message on the insert with the above poem, you're giving them a gift as well. Then, hopefully, they will pay it forward! Isn't that great!!!

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My Many Coloured Days said...

I love this! But I did feel a bit false giving away one of your gorgeous cards!!! Feel better.