Monday, February 11, 2008

Glass Etching

I am always amazed at all the wonderful things you can do with stamps! I learned a new technique this last week and I wanted to show it to you. When I showed this to my husband he was so shocked at yet another thing I could do with my stamps.

Ok, so I bought this little jar at the craft store for really cheap. You want to make sure that the glass object has some kind of flat side somewhere because this is very difficult to do on a round surface. Here is the TUTORIAL on how to do this. A couple things to remember if you plan to do this project: (1) make sure you choose a stamp with not a lot of little detail. It seems to smear some and if it does, the detailed stamp won't show up very well. (2) If you want the scalloped circle that I did you just cut the contact paper out with a scalloped paper punch.

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