Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm Back!!

I can't believe it's been over a year since I last made any cards or other craft projects. I missed it so much! I think I told my husband, at least a billion times, that I missed my crafts. Well, we're settled in our new place with a new job and I'm ready to start my crafts! As I was unloading all of my many craft boxes and organizing my craft room....yes...I did say "MY CRAFT ROOM" I realized that I have a lot of stamp sets that I have never used not because I don't like them but because I'm just not sure what to make with them. Soooooo, I have decided to take one stamp set a day and make a card or project with it. Which means, that you have to come back once a day and see what stamp set I used and what I have created with it!

I'm not using any stamp sets in any order. I just close my eyes and grab one. Some of the stamp sets I'm using will cause me to ponder at my desk for a LONG time because I just don't know how to use it. I just ask that you give me a little break since I haven't been crafting in over a year! I have to tell you that when I organized my craft room I sat at my desk for a while feeling very overwhelmed and anxious. I was actually scared that I had forgotten how to do stuff, but I dove right in and was happy with my first creation. Here it is:

(Ok, so my camera stinks because it certainly can't be the camera person that does!) The "I miss you" stamp is actually stamped inside the card. I paper punched a little window so you could see it from the front of the card.

Here's the stamp set I used. It's called Whimsy Garden and it is produced by Close To My Heart. I love the acrylic stamps. You peel them off, put them on a clear stamping block, stamp your image exactly where you want because you can see through the stamp and the block onto your paper, clean it off and put it back on the plastic sheet.

So be honest and tell me what you think? Don't leave me hangin!

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My Many Coloured Days said...

ALLY! Yeah, glad you're back. I NEED YOU to inspire me. Glad you have your craft stuff back and a whole room - good for you - you'll use it.

The card is great. So cheerful - though the "miss you" made me a bit sad and miss YOU! I like how the stamps go "off" the squares.

I can't wait to check back to see what you do.