Friday, July 30, 2010

New addtional author!

One of my inspirations for my creativity is my sister, Beck! She put the creativity bug in me and keeps it going by inspiring me with her great ideas and creations. I'm excited to make this blog a combination of her ideas/creations and mine. I know you all will enjoy the great projects that she shares here! I changed the title of the blog (if you haven't noticed already) because I wanted it to be about her and me instead of just me. Our Dad and Mom (but mostly our Dad) called us "Sis" and sometimes "Sister Sue" when we were growing up. Our Dad passed away about a year ago so I guess you can say that we are dedicating our little blog to him!

Ok, well I was visiting my family in Utah last week and when I got home I realized that I left my camera there. AWWWWWWW!! I have so many projects that I finished but can't share them because I can't take a picture. I'm hoping to get the camera back very soon. In the meantime I found a couple of great projects from other's blogs that I want to share. Here is one I'm dying to try:

Scissors Make-over (click on the link to find the Tutorial)

Isn't that a great idea!! What a awesome little gift that would make. I really love Modge Podge!

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