Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Easy, Cute & Poofy Valentine Wreath

I made this wreath from a heart shaped wire wreath form & yards & yards of red tulle. Here's how I did it:

heart wire wreath form (Hobby Lobby, $1.99)
big fat roll of red tulle (also Hobby Lobby, 40 yd. spool, $5.99) Actually this one roll wasn't quite enough for me, so I went back to get more and found a 100 yd. spool of red (it matched the red that I was using) Christmas tulle at 90% was a buck! Ooh, I wished I'd found that the day before when I was there purchasing the $5.99 roll of tulle!

Anyway, I just cut the tulle into 2 1/2 to 3 inch pieces (no measuring, just eyed it) and tied them onto all the wires of the wreath form. I just tied the tulle once, not twice to make a knot. Since it's netting, it seemed to hold just fine with one tie. I bet I used atleast 60 yards of tulle, but you could get away with less if you don't want your wreath quite as poofy as mine. Give it a try...easy, cute & poofy!


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