Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Favorite Store!

I LOVE the Wood Connection store! I hadn't been there for a very long time and my last trip to Utah I went CRAZY!! I won't tell you how much money I spent because I'm a bit embarrassed about it but everything I got was worth it!!

So I got these little wooden frames with wood shapes that go in them for each month. The first one I did was April. I painted the tulips and then smeared glue on top of them and sprinkled glitter on them (matching color of the the paint). I love how they turned out! They just make you smile every time you look at them. I hung it right by my door so you can smile on your way out the door!

(Do you like the scratch marks at the bottom of our door frame? Dang dog!!)


MaryBerry Boutique said...

So CUTE!:) I love anything with GLITTER:)

MaryBerry Boutique said...

By the way i would go crazy 2 there! I envy the ladys that have that wonder place at their fingure tips! haha:)

Barbara Burwell said...

Your have such a creative mind and best of all you know how to make the things your mind comes up with!