Friday, April 8, 2011

Bathroom Sign

The main floor bathroom, in our house, is always missed and people just don't think to look there. So, I took care of that problem!

I bought a vinyl square at the Home Depot for $1.20. It is sticky on the back so I cut it in half and stuck the two halves together. I drilled holes in the top and cut the words out in black vinyl for the front and back!

I was going to use one of the flower pot hangers but those things are so dang expensive so I came up with my own solution. I bought the wooden plaque, dowel, and knobby thing at Hobby Lobby for a total of $3. Then I drilled a hole in the middle of the plaque and screwed the dowel in place. I used glue to put the knobby thing on the end. Afterwards, I spray painted it black!

AND....just in case our little visitors can't read, I'm hoping these signs will help them know where to go if they have to tinkle:


Barbara Burwell said...

What can I say, "It Works".

Simply Keeping Home said...

I love this idea! Using a vinyl square for the sign is just...brilliant. Thanks for sharing your project! :-)