Monday, April 18, 2011

Tulip Spring Wreath

I love how it turned was easy, although a bit time consuming. Here are the details...sorry no step by step pictures. Supplies:

  • wreath form (from a dollar store)

  • 10 - 12 small tulip bud bunches

  • glue gun & glue sticks

  • wooden skewer wide

  • ribbon

  1. I forgot to do this step, but you should wrap the wreath form with ribbon first so that if you have any spaces between your flowers, you won't see the ugly green wreath.

  2. Next, take all of the flowers off of the stems leaving the little plastic thingy that attaches to the stem and helps the flower bud stay together. (Does that even make sense?!)

  3. Use the skewer to poke a hole in the wreath. Put some glue on the bottom end of the flower and stick it into the hole. Repeat a gazillion times. I didn't put any flowers on the back of the wreath because I wanted it to lay flat against the door.

  4. If you didn't get enough flowers and you went to all of the other dollar type stores in town and couldn't find more (like me!)...this is where the wide ribbon will come in handy. I had about a 3-4" blank space at the bottom of the wreath, so I wrapped the ribbon around it and made a big bow to cover it up.

  5. Last step: fold a length of ribbon in half and hot glue it to the back of the wreath. Hang & enjoy!

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Barbara Burwell said...

I am so proud of your creative talents.