Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dang cute!

I made another outfit for the older girls (they wear the same size) and here is Indiya modeling it! She wore it to school and when she got home she said, "Momma, four people told me that my outfit was cute and I made sure to tell them that you made it!". I just love it that my girls are so excited to wear things I make. Josette asked me when I was going to "build" another outfit for her to wear!

The pattern that I used didn't have anything at the waist of the shirt but I felt like it was just not that flattering so I added some elastic which gave it just what I was looking for. I wanted the shorts a little longer then the pattern showed so I added a small cuff on the bottom of the shorts with the material I used for the shirt. I think it balanced the outfit out and was pleased with the end result!


Nick and Anne Priest said...

Those look great!

crafterhours said...

Hi, couldn't find another way to contact you, but wanted to say that you totally don't need a tutorial for that snow white dress! Use a basic peasant dress pattern, or draft your own using the link I provided and then it's just a matter of alternating strips of fabric for the sleeves and making a wide a-line for the skirt. sooo easy! especially after browsing your blog, i know you don't need the help!